Video: caring for seed potatoes

Video: caring for seed potatoes

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Thanks to the advice provided by experts from the Plant Clinic, you will know where the stains on the leaves of your potato crop come from and what treatment is required. In this sequence, it is plants whose leaves are stained by a passage of insects which are submitted to Jacques My, one of the plant doctors at the UPJ Clinic. Note his diagnosis and recommendations, on video!

Question from the user

<< Mes pommes de terre ont un problème. Plusieurs plants ont leur feuillage attaqué. J'ai eu des doryphores il y a quelques semaines, mais à présent je n'en vois plus. En plus des feuilles tachées, j'ai remarqué que les fleurs semblaient comme coupées net. Y a-t-il quelque chose à faire pour préserver la récolte ? Merci ! >>

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Auscultation and diagnosis

We are dealing here with several seed potatoes whose leaves are stained by the passage of insects. However, these critters are already gone. For diagnosis, these spots are due to insects that are no longer there. If we stick to the symptoms, we can say that there have undoubtedly been beetles, aphids which are at the origin of the spots on the leaves. The cut flowers correspond to an invasion of bedbugs that ate the flower buds. How to get a good harvest?

Some recommendations

For insects, it is no longer necessary to intervene. However, as we are dealing with a case of growing potatoes, it is advisable to plan a preventive treatment especially when the summer is a little humid. Bordeaux mixture helps protect your plants from mildew attacks. You now know how to protect your potato plants. You will be amazed at your harvest! You too, ask your questions at The Plant Clinic! Do you know how to plant potatoes?