Video: choosing a pool cover

Video: choosing a pool cover

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During the summer, your swimming pool is mostly uncovered so that you can take a dip whenever you want. However, it is important to cover it the rest of the year for various reasons. To do this, several types of covers exist and it can be easy to get lost. Christophe Prudhon, seller and installer of swimming pools, provides an overview of the choices available to you, emphasizing the advantages of each system. Take a look at his advice, on video!

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In a basin, it is sometimes necessary to heat the water at times when the temperature requires it. Beyond heating systems, swimming pool covers can play a significant role. There are several kinds.

The summer cover

The summer cover is made up of a multitude of small bubbles that cover the surface of the water. It isolates the pool from the air and therefore prevents its cooling when the weather becomes cooler. There are also tarpaulins with bars which are a safety feature if a child falls into the pool.

The pool enclosure

You can also invest in a pool enclosure. More expensive, however, it allows you to extend your swimming period, heat your pool and protect it from all external elements that could dirty your water. This shelter can be sliding. The rails offer the advantage of opening the structure in summer and thus having an outdoor pool.

The automatic shutter

As the name suggests, you only have to press a button to cover your pool with the automatic cover. Quick and practical, its PVC blades cover the entire length of your pelvis, and can support the weight of an accidentally fallen child.

The winter cover

It is highly recommended during the winter period. It covers the entire pool as well as the copings on the edge of the pool. It prevents any kind of external dirt from coming into the pool water. The latter therefore remains clean while you are not using it. You now know the different options for ensuring the coverage of your pool. Whichever one you choose, it is essential to cover your water to warm it up and keep it clean, all year round! Good swim ! Find Choosing a pool cover on Produced by Minute Facile.