A makeover in my dining room for less than 200 euros

A makeover in my dining room for less than 200 euros

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Is your dining room out of date or just more to your liking? It may be time to give it a facelift! And do not panic about the budget that will have to be allocated to it, you do not have to ruin yourself to renovate it. With a few clever tricks and decorative accessories, you can give it a new look at a lower cost.

Cover the table with a linen tablecloth: 60.80 euros

Can't see your old table in paint anymore? Do not panic, you will not be forced to squeeze your savings considerably to buy a new one. A simple tablecloth can quickly give it a new air. To be in the trend, we choose it in linen and in neutral tones like gray, beige or white so that it adapts to all seasons.
Photo credit: La Redoute

Give the dresser a white paint: 44.95 euros for the 2.5 liter pot

Your dresser also has the right to get a little beauty at a lower cost. To do this, roll up your sleeves and repaint it with a special wood paint. A new patina, preferably white, which gives it a second life and which brings a modern touch to your living room.
Photo credit: Maisons du Monde

Hang several lampshades: 15.60 euros for 8

To give your dining room a festive look all year round, we opt for one of the trends of the moment: the accumulation of suspensions. And not to ruin yourself, we choose paper balls, which bring an aerial side to the decor.
Photo credit: Ikéa

Lay a new carpet: 27.30 euros

There is no question of giving your dining room a facelift, without investing in a new carpet. Our favorite at the moment? A black and white model with graphic patterns that energizes the barely installed room.
Photo credit: 3 Suisses

Repaint the chimney wall: 29.95 euros per 2.5 liter pot

So that the fireplace does not go unnoticed in the dining room, you can decide to repaint it in a different color from that of the other walls. We like the combination of purple and dark pink which create a very pleasant intimate atmosphere at the time of a dinner with friends.
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