A decor in jungle mode

A decor in jungle mode

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There are those who go to Brazil for the World Cup, and there are the others. So that they are not too disappointed, they can however bring the tropical atmosphere of this South American country to them. This year again, the decor trend is the lush nature of the jungle on the linens and even on the table. Banana leaves, tropical flowers and colorful birds make a warm air blow in our interiors.

Prints between flora and fauna

Escape lovers, you will be delighted to adopt a tropical decor at home. Leopards, parrots, colorful flowers or palm leaves, there are many prints that juggle nature and jungle animals. Household linen is particularly fond of it, but it is no longer the only one today. Wallpapers and tableware also have fun in total look or more sober versions. So, are you tempted by this chic ethnic style?

Photo credits: H&M Home / Becquet

Avoid eccentricity

Be careful, the jungle style, an eccentric hair, must be worked with care not to overload the decor. To break the total look and balance the decor, we naturally favor the association with white. It will soothe the atmosphere with a few touches here and there. On the contrary, you can start from a white set and just add accessories covered with leaves and exotic animals. To emphasize the tropical spirit, you are also authorized to use small notes of colors such as turquoise blue, sun yellow, fuchsia pink or orange. No way to do too much, the secret of success is to use them sparingly.
Photo credit: Zara Home

How to adopt the jungle style?

Colorful, the jungle trend can be found in every room of the house. In the living room, we dare a wallpaper with palm leaves, green cushions and others with colorful parrot designs. You can even go as far as adopting curtains that perfectly imitate the atmosphere of a lush forest. In the bedroom, too, this style fits perfectly. The bed linen has pretty patterns that we mix with white cushions and plain blankets to create a harmonious and not too heavy decor. Finally, the latest, the table decoration is also getting into the jungle trend. Tablecloths and plates are adorned with tropical birds and exotic plants while the water jugs take the form of parrots or pineapples. Exotic, isn't it?

Photo credits: Au fil des couleurs / Zara Home