3 coffee tables for 3 styles

3 coffee tables for 3 styles

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You have just changed the decor of the living room and all you need is the final touch of the decor: the coffee table. But not easy to choose the latter in line with the new style of your living room so we give you a boost by blowing you the table most suited to your style.

Industrial style: the trunk coffee table

Your living room takes on the appearance of a factory with a sofa that has a metal frame and raw wood furniture, and the living room table should not depart from the factory style of the whole. No question of opting for a classic living room table, we prefer to play the diversion card. To do this, bet on a large metal trunk that will serve as a coffee table but also as storage. If your trunk is too low, don't hesitate to stack two models for even more style.

Contemporary style: nesting coffee tables

In your interior, everything is at the forefront of the trend with a sofa that presents beautiful design lines and furniture that offers a timeless chic. Your table should harmonize with your atmosphere while giving it a little "extra" decoration. The solution ? The nesting coffee tables which offer two or three tables in one to be modulated according to your desires. The style is quite graphic and highlights the entire living room.

Pop style: the light coffee table

In a pop style where fantasy is in order, the coffee table can play the card of originality. We move away from classic furniture to offer a model that responds to the original shapes of the sofa and furniture. To make your table the decorative center of the living room, opt for a light model. You will find cubes and spheres which will then also serve as lighting for a pop style at the top. Our practical salon videos