The French and their furniture: decryption

The French and their furniture: decryption

Furniture is the most important product in the layout and decoration of the home for 33% of French people, that is to say their attachment to furniture. So to find out about new furniture consumption behaviors, just deciphered for you the Furniture (s) and Mobility (s) study conducted by the Institute for Prospects and Studies for Furniture (IPEA) in France and in Germany for Sofinco distributed by the ESPRITMEUBLE trade fair which opens its doors on November 16 in Paris.

The ideal home for the French

In their ideal home, the furniture must contribute to conviviality (39%) and comfort (22%). The choice of furniture is therefore not a question of style and the French consider it rather as a functional, practical and comfortable life companion. Side rooms, functionality is also in the spotlight because the French require a master bedroom but also a separate dining room and even a laundry room. The piece of their dream? A dressing room for 34% of French people and a room dedicated to leisure for 23%.

The French love their furniture

Furniture is considered a real piece of heritage for ¾ of us because it is linked to memories. It is transmitted to his children for 9 out of 10 French people and must follow 1 in 2 French people in the different stages of their life. The older ones take care to keep the buffet and choose the time of the move to buy new furniture. On the other hand, young people are more uninhibited and create a new dynamic on the furniture market by being ready to change more. We also note that they are less sensitive to comfort than their elders (22% against 38%).

Tailor-made acclaimed by the French

How would be the ideal furniture of the French? Well, it would be tailor-made for 40%. No wonder since they praise above all functionality and comfort in terms of furniture! A good way to respond to the high cost of real estate by rationalizing the space. In this perspective, they do not want more furniture in more spaces but rather well thought out furniture that also looks like them. Materials, colors, finishes, the French want to be able to customize 46%.

Furniture and the future

Today, 4 out of 10 French people are ready to buy furniture on the internet and 30% even admit having wanted to change furniture by discovering new styles and promotions. The Internet therefore becomes an asset in connecting the consumer to the furniture market by being the 3rd market prescriber. Better yet, the internet is becoming an actor for 38% of French people who say they sell their furniture on the internet. For tomorrow, the French are going further and imagining connected furniture (1 of 2). More than a third think that connected furniture can bring them more comfort and 29% of ergonomics by adapting to each person in the household on products such as the sofa or bed. Great prospects to come with manufacturers who are already looking into the subject! Our practical decoration videos