3 practical objects for cooking

3 practical objects for cooking

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To make life easier for apprentice cooks, the brand new French brand Kubb offers three innovations that will help you make every meal a success. Presentation of these utensils which you will no longer be able to do without.

A funnel for verrines

Not a trendy meal without a verrine! So to facilitate their preparation, Kubb imagined a funnel to fill the verrines and thus avoid splashing on the walls and overlapping approximate layers. Just position the object on the glass to have your hands free and fill the different layers. For a perfect meal, the box includes two pushers. The "plus": the three-piece set is made in France.

Strips for overlapping plates

Do you want to serve your guests like in a large restaurant? All you need to do is prepare the plates before the guests arrive. The trick to storing them is then to use plate overlapping strips which allow up to four plates to be superimposed in order to save space. The strips adapt to all plates thanks to secure notches which allow to form circles from 13 to 23 cm. The "plus": the strips pass in the microwave and keep the temperature of the food.

Picks to support pop cakes

To succumb to the cake pop trend without facing technical difficulties, Kubb imagined lollipop sticks with an anti-slip stop and a slightly pointed head. What transform all your cakes into lollipops without them slipping. The "plus": pretty colors to play the decorative card to the end. > More info on www.kubb.fr Our practical cooking videos