Landscape advice: an ocean garden

Landscape advice: an ocean garden

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The seaside garden enjoys a mild climate that is highly appreciated by plants. On the other hand, it has to face the wind and the spray of salt.

How to arrange a garden by the sea?

The first thing to do is to protect it with a windbreak hedge made up of several rows. Coastal side, holm oaks, eleagnus and oleander face the gusts. On the garden side, pittosporums, rosemaries, David's Budleia, Afganistan sage and perennials are planted for their decorative aspect. When planting, be sure to add compost and mulch the soil. In a holiday home on the Atlantic, plants with silvery leaves and bluish colors will go perfectly with a turquoise blue garden decoration. Here, the sentolines mix with stipas, phormiums and sea rye. Sheltered from the wind, in large pots near the house, the blue agapanthus (Agapanthus umbellatus ) with magnificent inflorescences particularly appreciate the mild Atlantic climate. Finally, the summer tamarisk, which blooms throughout the summer season in fine small pink clusters, brings grace to this oceanic garden, while protecting it from the sea breeze ...

The landscaper's advice

If the garden has direct access to the beach or a sandy area, the creation of a wooden pontoon will allow direct access while recalling the maritime world.

The accessories

The terrace At the seaside, choose a rot-proof wood respectful of the environment: Douglas wood or exotic wood labeled PEFC or FSC.
The pontoon Opt for a garden walkway purchased commercially or ask your carpenter to build a custom pontoon with the wood from the terrace.


perennials Phormium tenax Variegata , small cypress santoline (Santolina chamaecyparissus ), sea rye (Leymus arenarius ), blue agapanthus (Agapanthus umbellatus ), Stipa tenuifolia .
Trees and shrubs Afganistan sage (Perovskia atriplicifolia ), rosemary, eleagnus, pittosporum, David's Buddleia, tamarisk (Tamarix pentandra rubra ).

Estimated budget

The price of this garden depends on the wood chosen, the pontoon and the surface of the land ... Our practical nature decoration videos


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